True or false. The very first talkie to take home an Academy Award for Best Picture, in 1929, was a backstage musical about Broadway

Each of the following were both Broadway veterans and early Oscar winners. Only one of them never performed again on Broadway after winning an Oscar. Which one?

None of the four actors who won in last year’s acting categories has performed on Broadway, but one was in the Off-Broadway cast of “Smart People” by Lydia Diamond in 2016. Which actor was it?

What Oscar winning Broadway veteran gave the following acceptance speech for their first Oscar win, in 1954? “It's much heavier than I imagined. I... gosh, I had something to say and I can't remember what I was gonna say for the life of me. I don't think that ever in my life have so many people been so directly responsible for my being so very, very glad. It's a wonderful moment and a rare one and I'm certainly indebted. Thank you.”

Some dozen actors won both an Oscar AND a Tony for portraying the same character. Which of the following did NOT?

Which three-time Tony-winning actress holds the record as the actress with the most Oscar nominations without a win?

Meryl Streep has been nominated for 21 Oscars, winning three. Which of the following films for which she was nominated was NOT adapted from a stage play or musical?

True or false. Meryl Streep has never even been nominated for a Tony Award.

Which of the following Broadway musicals adapted into a movie musical did NOT win the Best Picture Oscar?

Which of them did NOT win either the Tony for Best Musical and/or for Best Revival?

Applause, starring Lauren Bacall in 1970, was the first Broadway musical adapted from a movie to win the Tony Award for Best Musical. Fittingly it was about Broadway. Which Oscar-winning movie was it based on?

Which 2020 best picture Oscar nominee was presented in a Broadway theater?

Which Oscar nominee for best director has won a Tony Award for best director?

Three of the five 2020 Oscar nominees for both best actor and best actress are veterans of Broadway