Originally named Theater Masque, the John Golden Theater opened in 1927 with a production called “Puppets of Passion.” True or false, almost eighty years later, the same theater housed a show that prominently featured puppets expressing their passion, which won the Tony Award for best musical.

The Music Box Theater opened in 1921 when Prohibition was in full force, so it installed secret panels in the walls of the second floor to conceal the liquor it offered the patrons. What show is currently playing there in which the last actor to play the leading role was below the drinking age?

Which theater is the both the oldest and the newest Broadway theater? Built in 1903, it features original Tiffany stained glass, tile, and marble and was home to the first female theater owner in Broadway history. After several decades as a blue movie house, a rock club, and a hotel conference center, it was restored three years ago as a Broadway theater

One of the few Broadway theaters actually located on Broadway, which theater was originally a 1890s barn that was converted into a theater in 1911 by removing the manure and adding in seats?

When this theater opened in 1972 it was the first subterranean Broadway theater and is still one of the only non-proscenium theaters on Broadway.

Which theater that opened in 1973 is part of an office building that replaced the demolished Astor Hotel in Times Square?

With the 1903 facade still intact, which Broadway theater is a combination of two theaters that re-opened in 1998 with the premiere of Ragtime? In the two decades since, it has gone through more name changes than any other Broadway theater.

Which theater, opening on Christmas Day in 1923, has a skinny facade that makes the theater appear to be built on 45th Street, known as the “Street of Hits”, but is actually on 46th Street? Hint: Once Miserable, it’s now full of Temptation.

Built in 1900 by Oscar Hammerstein, this is the oldest theater still standing in Times Square. It once had a farm, complete with cows, on the roof. Hint: No longer considered a Broadway house, it was once one of Broadway’s most famous burlesque houses, but ironically now only presents children’s fare.

Which of the four actresses who have given their name to a Broadway theater funded its construction?