According to “The Cher Show,” which was NOT true of Cherilyn Sarkisian as a child?

According to “The Cher Show,” what did the performing duo and (eventually married) couple call themselves before they were known as Sonny and Cher?

Whom did Cher consult, according to the musical, about her desire to divorce Sonny and quit The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour at the peak of the popularity of the TV variety series?

Cher is one of the producers on The Cher Show, her debut as a Broadway producer. What is the name of the play (subsequently made into a movie) in which she made her Broadway performing debut?

Who was the director of the only Broadway play in which Cher performed….and also of the film adaptation of it?

Cher won an Academy Award for best actress in a leading role for Moonstruck. For which movie was she nominated for an Oscar for best actress in a supporting role?

Which of the thousands of Bob Mackie dresses he designed for her was Cher wearing when she famously said at the Oscar ceremony in 1986: “As you can see, I did receive my Academy handbook on how to dress like a serious actress.”

True or False. Cher is the only recording artist ever to have number one Billboard chart singles in six consecutive decades.

True or False. Cher has not written the music for any of the songs she’s recorded.

There are more than 30 songs in “The Cher Show.” One is entitled “Gypsies, Tramps and…”

The following are the names of her concert tours over the last two decades. Which is the current one?

Cher likes to Tweet. She's done it some 28,000 times and has more than 3.5 million followers. Which Cher Tweet made it in slightly different form into "The Cher Show"