Which of the following recently explained that they went to Broadway shows to cheer up? “There’s nothing like a play to make you forget your troubles for a few hours,” they wrote. “In my experience, even a mediocre play can transport you. And show tunes are the best soundtrack for tough times. You think you’re sad? Let’s hear what Fantine from Les Misérables has to say about that!”

After Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of making a sexual advance when both were performing on Broadway, and Rapp was 14 years old, 97 theaters in Great Britain issued a joint statement against sexual harassment. True or false, New York theaters issued a similar industry-wide statement soon afterwards. *

Former theater agent Roland Scahill, who admitted scamming investors out of more than $200,000 for a nonexistent play, was sentenced to six months in jail in October. Who did he say the non-existent play was about?

In a Tweet in October that began “While not at all presidential I must point out…” President Donald Trump falsely called a Broadway show a “TOTAL BOMB” that was “forced to close.” Which show was it?

Harold Pinter wrote a play about the president of the United States nuking the world, recently discovered by his widow.

Which of these three plays that opened in September or October is NOT about an addict?

Which of these three revivals that opened in October was not extensively revised?

Bernadette Peters will take over the title role of Hello, Dolly! from Bette Midler, whose final performance will be January 14. True or false, Peters made her Broadway debut in 1959. *

True or false: Every one of the following 2017 Emmy Award winners is also a veteran of the New York stage: John Lithgow, Laura Dern, Alec Baldwin, Ann Dowd, Nicole Kidman, Sterling K. Brown, Elisabeth Moss

All of the following playwrights no longer living are among the 20 most produced in non-profit theaters throughout the United States this season, according to an American Theatre Magazine survey. Which of these is the highest on the list?

Michael Friedman died in September at age 41. Which if anything is NOT true about him?