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1. Who was announced in March as the host of the forthcoming 73rd annual Tony Awards in June?

2. True or false. Three plays opened Off-Broadway in March with some variation of the F-word in their titles.

3. In which of the four shows that opened on Broadway in March does a character say “There’s no progress without sacrifice.”

4. All four Broadway shows that opened in March were based on, or inspired by, a previously published text.

5. Which play that opened Off-Broadway in March does NOT feature a performer who is (or has been) a familiar face on TV or the movies?

6. In which play does a black character sell himself into slavery?

7. Tony Kushner: “It’s such a terrible time right now — it’s frightening in ways that are really without parallel for anyone who’s conscious and, well, not a Republican. And you know, I’ve always been a little skeptical of the notion that there’s something sort of shamanistic or medicinal or restorative about theater in a kind of mysterious way, but I really felt that [a specific show] was that.” Which show opening in March was he talking about?

8. March is designated Women’s History Month. Women made up 43 percent of actors on prominent stages, according to the latest annual edition of “Ethnic Representation on New York City Stages,” by Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC), which looks at the demographic breakdown in Broadway and major non-profit theaters during the 2016-2017 season. Women playwrights and directors fared worse. One of those groups was represented by only 31 percent, the other by 25 percent. Question: Which had the lowest percentage?

9. Felicity Huffman is one of 50 people who have been indicted in a school admissions scandal, accused of making a $15,000 payoff so that a crooked test proctor could tinker with her eldest daughter’s SAT answers. True or false, she and her husband William H. Macy both appeared in the same David Mamet play on Broadway, but in productions 20 years apart.

10. Bach, Chopin, Ravel and Vivaldi were all born in March. So were four of the most successful living Broadway composers, two of them on the same day, two of them in the same year. Which of the four is the youngest?

11. As announced in March by MTC theater, which historical figure will Harvey Fierstein portray in a play that he’s written which is set to open in October?

12. Which person who died within the past month was never involved with a Broadway show?

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