Which of the following Broadway shows that opened this season received at least one nomination in April for a 2015 Tony Award? *

Fourteen Broadway shows opened in April, which represents 40 percent of the 35 shows eligible for Tony Awards that opened in the entire 2014-2015 season. True or false, 69 percent of the Tony nominations went to shows that opened in April.

Which of the following nominated this year for best actress in a musical has been nominated five times before, and never won?

Which had never acted professionally before?

True or false. Most of the shows nominated for 2015 Tonys in the four top categories - best musical, best play, best musical revival and best play revival – originated in non-profit theaters.

Second Stage closed the deal to buy the Helen Hayes in April, the fourth non-profit to own a Broadway theater. Which is NOT one of the other three? *

Which show that received numerous Tony nominations had as its initial marketing campaign: “No movie stars, no London transfer, no film adaptation, pray for us.”

In what show that opened on Broadway in April, do the following lines occur: A: If you get a job, that will just make me feel like a failure. None of the other writers’ wives have jobs. B: Well, they should. This is the nineties! We’ve got a woman on the throne and by the year 1600, women will be completely equal to men. “

In what show that opened on Broadway in April, does the following exchange occur: A: Remember fun? You and father used to laugh all the time, you were positively wild in your younger days. B: That was different. It was the sixties.

In what show that opened on Broadway in April are three men in love with the same woman?

In what show that opened on Broadway in April does a man marry three women?

Which announced in April that it is heading for Broadway?

Which of the theater artists who died in April said “To stand up on the stage is to say to many people: Look at me. How can you do that without speaking the only truth you know? There is no such thing as an uncommitted actor.”