What is the Association of Artists United for a Smile? *

True or false. A New York Times editorial in August expressed support for the Times Square Elmos, proclaiming that free speech is a right “even for furry monsters”

Which actor in Mad Men, was it announced in August, will be playing filmmaker Billy Wilder in the play “Billy and Ray” Off Broadway in the Fall?

The cast members from which Broadway musical sang a song from the show in the subway?

Cast members from which Broadway musical posed naked in Out magazine in August?

Which one of the following shows that opened in August was part of the 18th annual New York International Fringe Festival?

All of the following real-life people were portrayed in one show or another at the Fringe Festival in August. Which did Nick Wyman, the president of Actors Equity, portray?

The Shubert organization is reportedly considering building a new 1,500-seat Broadway theater, which would be the 41st currently standing. True or false: About twice as many Broadway theaters have been demolished since 1972 as have been built in that time.

Robin Williams died in August at the age of 63. He is best known for his screen roles and his stand-up comedy, but he was also involved in live theater. Which of the following is not true.

Lauren Bacall, who died this month at the age of 89, was best known for her screen roles, especially the four movies she made with Humphrey Bogart. But she was also a two-time Tony winner, for Woman of the Year and Applause. True or False: She debuted on Broadway before she went to Hollywood.

All of the following are making their Broadway debuts this coming season. Which one of them, when announcing their Broadway stage debut in August, said “I haven’t been in a play since the eighth grade, when I did Charley’s Aunt. I seem to remember wearing a dress.”