1.Hamilton was the only Broadway show to open in August. Which of the following statements was not in one or another professional review of the show?

From the first preview of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda offered #Ham4Ham, a lottery for ten-dollar tickets to the musical, and a brief performance around the drawing. Initially, Miranda and other cast members from Hamilton performed in #Ham4Ham, but it’s recently roped in performers from other shows, past and present. Which show has not had a cast member perform in #Ham4Ham?on here.

Broadway Debuts!


All of the following celebrities will be performing on Broadway in Fall 2015. Which of them has performed on Broadway before?



The producers of Hedwig and the Angry Inch announced in August that the show is‪ closing on Broadway September 13 after 506 regular performances, and six Hedwigs. Which of the following performers did NOT play Hedwig during its Broadway run?

The Painted Ladies of Times Square


They’ve been called topless tip-seekers, painted ladies, or Desnudas – about a dozen women who cover their upper half with body paint but no clothing and hang around the Times Square pedestrian plazas. True or false, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his police commissioner suggested the solution might be to destroy the pedestrian plazas and return Times Square to the way it was before. *

True or false, it has been legal for women to go topless in public or on stage in New York since 1992.

Off Broadway

Daniel J. Watts and Chris Myers in WHORL INSIDE A LOOP photo by Joan Marcus

Whorl Inside A Loop, which opened in August at Second Stage Off-Broadway, is a play inspired by the true stories of African-American men convicted of murder who took a writing course while in prison and were rehabilitated. True or false, the play revolves around a white woman.

Mary Tyler Moore Show Regulars


Which regular from the old Mary Tyler Moore TV series performed in Annie Baker’s “John,” a long puzzle of a play at the Signature Theater about a guest house in Gettysburg that may or may not be haunted.

Which of the Mary Tyler Moore show regulars has not performed on Broadway?



Who said in an interview in August, “I’ve done Broadway and I was happy with that, but I don’t want to do Broadway anymore. The audience is all over 50, on the whole, and I think new faces and cheaper tickets are the only way forward. And it’s never going to happen.”



The New York International Fringe Festival, which runs every August and is best-known for Urinetown, campy parodies and drag queens, features in its 19th season theater on such serious issues as police violence, immigration, climate change, racism, sexism, homophobia, and assassination. *


kyle jean baptiste2

What is not true of Kyle Jean-Baptiste, a Broadway actor who died by falling off a fire escape in the last weekend in August.