Jane Lynch of Glee announced in February that she would be making her Broadway debut in which show?

Smash introduced a new character in February who works in which of the following theatrical occupations?

Which of the following actors appearing on Broadway this season (show in parentheses) is NOT a regular on a current television series?

Three of the stars of which old television series are all appearing in shows on Broadway this season?

Which show album won the Best Musical Theater Album Grammy in February?

If I loved you/ Time and again I would try to say/ All I’d want you to know...Which show that opened in February did that come from?

True or False, “Nemo,” the name given to the February blizzard, closed down several shows on Broadway over the first week of the month.

Moose Murders, revived in February by the Beautiful Soup Theater Collective in the East Village, is considered one of the biggest flops ever to appear on Broadway. Which actor appeared in the original Broadway production of Moose Murders?

The work of which playwright is being featured this season at the Pershing Square Signature Center?

Which of the following is NOT making his Broadway debut this season?