Which musical won the most Tony Awards at this year’s ceremony?

Which of the following plays won the most Tony Awards?

True or False: Frequent Tony host Neil Patrick Harris, who has not been in a show on Broadway in nine years, announced in June he would be starring in one this season.

Which of the following events did NOT happen in June?

True or false: Novelist Jonathan Franzen said in a letter to the editor published by the New York Times in June that “the world most glaringly dominated by male sexism is…New York City theater”

Which of the following women has won a Tony Award for best score (either separately or in a team)?

Which of the following figures from the 1960s is NOT a subject of a show aiming for Broadway?

Who was hired to play Miss Hannigan in the film remake of Annie produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z (who is adding some original music and portraying one of the characters)?

In my June 2012 quiz, I asked: Which number was higher, Ricky Martin’s followers on Twitter or 2012 Tony Award watchers? (The answer was Ricky Martin's followers) Now for this June 2013 quiz: Which number was higher?

Which of the following changes to the Tony Awards is most likely for next year?