True or false: No Broadway shows opened in May. *

Which of the following Broadway performers has never received a Tony Award, although nominated numerous times?

Maya Angelou, the poet and memoirist who died in May at the age of 86, was nominated for a Tony Award for a performance in a play that closed the same day it opened.

NBC did a live broadcast of The Sound of Music last December. It will be giving Peter Pan the same treatment for next December. What musical did it announce in May it will do after that? *

Which performer did not announce in May that they would be returning to Broadway next season?

Fun Home , the musical based on Alison Bechdale’s memoir, has nearly swept the theater awards this month, but will win nothing at the Tonys. *

The Civilians, which describes itself as a “New York-based theater company that creates original work derived from investigations into the world beyond the theater,” will become the first “theater in residence” at what New York City institution?

Which well-received play that opened Off Broadway is a modern adaptation of an extremely popular 19th century melodrama?

Which blockbuster film was it announced in May would be adapted into a stage show? *

Broadway supports 87,000 jobs and generates $500 million in taxes annually to NYC.