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Which show became in November the second longest running show in Broadway history? *

Who said in November "I'd show my ass in Macy's if it will help our show”?

In which play that opened in November, does an actor gut a fish (and, during one performance, stabbed himself by accident and bled for the rest of the show)?

Who wrote Allegro, a musical Classic Stage Company revived in New York this month for the first time since its 1947 Broadway debut?

In which of the following four shows that opened on the same day, November 17, did the characters protest the all-white casting of Oklahoma! in their high school by changing the lyrics in ironic praise of the Ku Klux Klan (O-klahoma/Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain,/Where we sure look sweet, in white bed sheets/ With our pointy masks upon our heads!)

“I want to be like everyone else, but richer and more acclaimed, worshiped and celebrated, pampered and loved - to see those who've laughed feeling ashamed, a glorious, frantic adoring response…the same as everyone wants.”

A petition signed by 32,495 people, including Stephen Sondheim, Hugh Jackman, Diane Paulus, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, had what purpose? *

True or false. Some 80 percent of the actors cast in The Good Wife TV series come from theater programs or have a theater background, according to its casting director.

Which of the following 2014 Presidential Medal of Freedom winners has neither performed nor had their work performed on Broadway?

True or false. The producers of Its Only A Play, currently at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater on Broadway, offered $400,000 to the producers of The Audience, slated to take up residence at the Schoenfeld in the Spring, to move instead right next door into the Bernard Jacobs, but The Audience refused.

What did The Oldest Boy at Lincoln Center, Grand Concourse at Playwrights Horizons, and Our Lady of Kibeho at Signature have in common?

Stage and film director Mike Nichols died in November at the age of 83. What was not true about him? *

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