What musical in November became the third longest-running show in Broadway history? *

Which of the following 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom winners has not been involved in some capacity with the creation of a Broadway show?

Which topic was NOT the subject of a play or musical that opened in New York in November?

According to an exhibition about theatrical superstitions at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, the origin of “Break a leg” was not based on the belief that wishing a performer good luck is bad luck.

Of the seven shows that opened on Broadway in November, only On Your Feet features characters who are immigrants.

Which Broadway show did not announce in November that it was closing in January?

Broadway musicals are based on a variety of sources, from films to books to songwriter playlists (“jukebox musicals”) to the authors’ imaginations (“original.”) According to an infographic that producer and blogger Ken Davenport put together in November, which source was responsible for the highest percentage of new musicals on Broadway between 2005 and 2014?

Which of the following films is NOT the basis (or inspiration) for a Broadway musical scheduled for 2016?

While people had a choice between white meat or dark meat on Thanksgiving Day, all Broadway shows on Thanksgiving Day were dark (closed.)

George Takei, the guiding force and one of the stars of the Broadway musical “Allegiance,” which opened in November, appeared in a commercial that ran during Saturday Night Live. Who did it spoof?

From which play that opened Off-Broadway in November is this taken? “What you think you know, you do not know. There are no longer two genders. No longer simply a Y and X chromosome but an alphabet of genders. They call it the LGBTTSQQIAA community. Or what I call the gender of Lugabuttsqueehah….They kept saying, “It gets better!”, but it didn’t seem like it was going to get better, so I started search- engine-ing. I started to learn things. It was like being baptized, only without the male-dominated hegemonic paradigm.”

What does David Mamet’s China Doll starring Al Pacino have in common with Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark?

True or false, King Charles III, which opened in November, is the third new play about British royalty on Broadway this year.