True or false: Stephen Sondheim is currently rewriting one of his musicals in order to turn the main character in it openly gay.

Six shows opened on Broadway in October, two musicals and four plays. Which of the plays is a new original work for the stage, neither a revival nor an adaptation?

In which of the six shows that opened on Broadway in October did two of the characters kiss passionately, although the stage direction in the script says: “They stand still, looking at each other.”

Which of the following actresses did NOT at some point play Elphaba the green witch on Broadway in Wicked, which in October celebrated its tenth anniversary?

The Lion King broke a record in October. What was it?

Bryan Cranston, who just ended a run as Walter White in the television series Breaking Bad, is set to play what character in a new play opening on Broadway sometime this season?

What is true about the Classic Stage Company production of Romeo and Juliet, which opened in October?

The cast for the Broadway revival of Les Miz was announced in October. Who was NOT hired (at least not yet)?

James Franco and Chris O’Dowd are reportedly mulling making their Broadway debuts together in what revival?

In the patter in-between the songs of A Night With Janis Joplin, which opened on Broadway in October, Mary Bridget Davies as Janis Joplin OMITS mention of what central experience in the singer’s life?