Which of the following did NOT happen in October?

Which of these plays that opened Off-Broadway in October is most appropriate for Halloween?

In which of the six shows that opened on Broadway in October do we see somebody rowing a boat in real water?

True or false. Kathleen Turner is both acting in and directing a play Off-Broadway about a woman in a lesbian relationship who undergoes sex reassignment surgery. *

Which movie star did not make their Broadway debut in October?

Which of the following Off-Broadway shows that opened in October did NOT announce a transfer to Broadway?

Eighty playwrights signed a letter to the theater editor of the New York Times asking him to include the names of the designers of a show in the newspaper’s reviews and listings. *

Actor/playwright John Cariani will turn his nationally popular play Almost Maine into a young adult novel, it was announced in October. In which musical on Broadway is he currently performing in a starring role?

The following shows that opened in October are revivals. Which is the oldest?

True or false. The understudy for the original, Off-Broadway production of Fool for Love was a young actor named Bruce Willis

“I never write anything good that does not somehow make me blush.” Which playwright, the centennial of whose birth was celebrated in October, liked to say this?