Who was not interviewed in Hamilton’s America, the documentary about the musical Hamilton, which debuted on PBS in October?

Both Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington in the musical Hamilton, and Anthony Ramos, who plays both Hamilton’s best friend and his son in the musical Hamilton, announced in October that they will leave the show in November. True or false: Once they leave, none of the named characters will be portrayed by the performers who originated the roles.

In which of the shows that opened on Broadway in October did the producer bar theater critics from attending before opening night, eliminating press previews that have been standard for decades?

The Broadway production of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard starring Diane Lane, which opened in October, cast African-American actors as the Russian serfs and ex-serfs, and changed any mention in the script of “serf” to “slave.”

Which of the following shows was the only one announced in October that is NOT set to open on Broadway in April, 2017?

Indecent will mark 64-year-old Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel’s Broadway debut

Which show has not been involved in a public legal dispute?

Which performer held a concert in October of popular music throughout American history that lasted a continuous 24 hours?

Following the announcement in June that Monopoly is being made into a Broadway musical, what other board game did the same team announce in October that they plan to adapt for the stage as well?

Tammy Grimes died in October at the age of 82. What is not true about her?