Which of these did not happen in 2018?

True or false. After a performance of Hamilton, Prince Harry (the Duke of Sussex) got on stage and sang from “You’ll Be Back,” the Beatles-like song by the buffoonish character King George III, who in real life was Harry’s great great great great great great grandfather.

Which play that ran in the beginning of 2018 was made up of two acts written nearly 50 years apart?

Which featured this warning on a video monitor: “Viewers with a strong moral centre may experience ethically compromising bursts of pleasure.”

After another win at the 90th Academy Awards in March, which Broadway composer is the first person in history to win a double EGOT (at least two each of Emmys, Grammys, Oscars and Tonys) – AND co-composed a Broadway musical that opened in March?

Cynthia Nixon officially entered the race for governor of New York in March against incumbent Andrew Cuomo (losing by a large margin in the primary in September). What is not true about her?

Which musical was being put on by the drama students in the TV series Rise AND by the actual drama students who survived the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland Florida?

The same month that NBC announced its next live musical will be Hair, it canceled “Rise,” the TV series about a high school drama department. What did the characters in the TV series have in common with the musical (as originally performed on stage)?

The $33 million renovation of the Lyric Theatre to ready it for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, has led to broken ribs and other injuries, according to theatergoers, because they trip over the poorly designed stairs in the aisles .

Which did NOT occur during the 72nd annual Tony Awards?

This year for the first time a Tony Award went to an Off-Off Broadway theater, and another one went to a dry cleaners.

Neil Simon died in August at the age of 91, one of several celebrated artists who died that month. What is NOT true about him?

Times Square Theater, built in 1920, is the final historic theater on 42nd Street to be redeveloped. What, as announced in September, is it slated to become?

Concerned that the original name was insensitive to the Roma people, Actors Equity gave a new name to the Gypsy Robe ceremony, a Broadway tradition that reportedly began with Broadway chorus members Bill Bradley and Florence Baum in 1950. A robe is passed down on opening nights from show to show, receiving a new decoration from each musical along the way. What is the new name?

Following suit, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, also renamed its Gypsy Rose ceremony. What is its new name?

True or false. You can now buy a Broadway ticket through Ticketmaster on a monthly installment plan, in effect a mortgage, for a year.

Which of these events that happened during the 92nd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade did a conservative lobbying group say “blindsided parents who expected this to be a family program” ?

Andrew Barth Feldman is a 16-year-old high school student who wears goofy hats and boasts about winning a lip-sync contest at last year's BroadwayCon. Why was he in the news in November?

Lin-Manuel Miranda co-stars as Jack the Lamplighter in “Mary Poppins Returns,” which opened in movie theaters nationwide in December. This is Miranda’s first co-starring role in a major motion picture, but millions already know him and his work well. Which honor or award has neither Lin-Manuel Miranda nor his musical Hamilton received?

The Drama Book Shop announced that, faced with an astronomical rent increase, it will close its doors in January, 2019 alarming and depressing the theater community. What (if anything) is NOT true about the store?