True or false: #Ham4Ham, the short performances that accompany the Hamilton lottery, were discontinued at the end of August, after more than a year. *

True or false: Jennifer Holliday, who will be portraying Shug Avery in The Color Purple, as announced in August, was last on Broadway as a teenager three decades ago in Dream Girls, for which she won a Tony Award.

Stephen Sondheim’s new musical, in collaboration with David Ives, was given a reading in August at the Public Theater, which plans to present it to the public in 2017. What is the working title of the musical at this time?

According to the Associated Press, what is true of most of Barbra Streisand’s 11 duet partners in her new album “Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway,” which was released in August?

One of the winners of the Overall Excellence Awards at the 20th annual Fringe NYC festival in August retold the story of “The Sound of Music” from the point of view of Rolfe (“I am 17 going on 18”), who is not only a Nazi, but gay.

Which historical figure was NOT the subject of a solo show at the Fringe?

Which performer wrote an essay in the New York Times in August about how she’s forced to play an ingénue yet again, because there are few roles in musical theater for middle-aged women.

Which performer wrote a blog post about the ups and downs of being an actress, focusing on auditions (“Sometimes, “But it’s work” is not a good reason to accept a job or an audition….Sometimes, “But it’s work” is absolutely a good reason to accept a job or an audition.”)

Which performer is writing a book due out in 2017 entitled “I Stole Your Boyfriend, and Other Monster Acts on My Way to Becoming a Human Woman”?

In which show did the idea originate for Broadway for Black Lives Matters, an evening in August of solidarity and song?

True or false: Gene Wilder, best-known as a comic film actor, who died in August, once portrayed U.S. Presidents Rutherford B. Hayes, John Tyler, and John Quincy Adams on Broadway. *

Which of the following is not true about James Houghton, who died in August at age 57?