Barbara Harris, a much-admired actress of stage and screen, was one of several celebrated artists who died in August, among them singer Aretha Franklin, dancer and choreographer Paul Taylor, actor Brian Murray, actor turned director Vivian Matalon, producer Craig Zadan, and playwright Neil Simon. True or false, Harris said she hadn’t wanted to be famous. “…Everyone gets acting mixed up with the desire to be famous, but some of us really just stumbled into the fame part,

A swarm of 40,000 bees descended on the theater district at the end of August, and were “humanely and safely” handled, according to the police commissioner, by the NYPD’s beekeeper. Where had they landed?

True or false. After a recent performance of Hamilton, Prince Harry (the Duke of Sussex) got on stage and sang from “You’ll Be Back,” the Beatles-like song by the buffoonish character King George III, who in real life was Harry’s great great great great great great grandfather.

Dear Evan Hansen the musical has been turned into what else?

Which famous rap star announced in August that he will perform in his first stage play, which is coming to Brooklyn in October?

“1969: The Second Man,” featuring a folk-rock score, revolves around what event that occurred in 1969

In which show that opened in New York in August does a character say: “I wish there was something real I could do to make things better, but I don’t know how. So I guess I’ll just do theater.”

Which play that opened in August is about the aftermath of a police shooting of a black man?

Which is a revival of a play by Lillian Hellman that lasted seven days on Broadway?

Producer Craig Zadan, who died in August at the age of 69, helped popularize musicals on the screen, with the TV series Smash, the movie version of Chicago, and a revival of live NBC broadcasts of Broadway musicals, from “The Sound of Music Live” to “Jesus Christ Superstar Live.” Which was one of the Broadway musicals that he produced ON Broadway?

Which is not true of Neil Simon, who died in August at the age of 91?