“Anything You Do/Let It Come from You/Then It Will be New” is prominently displayed in neon in a theater lobby, the lyrics taken from the musical that opened this month in that theater. Which show is it?

Which show, with music by the composer of "Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812," is being performed in a church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The producer of what show that opened in February wrote to the Times theater editors calling the newspaper’s review of the show a “ significant humiliation for the paper, a stunningly amateurish piece of work.”

The New York Times fired its longtime theater critic Charles Isherwood in February. True or false: The Times won’t say publicly why it did so, and, Isherwood says through his union rep, the Times honchos did not tell him the reason either.

Performers from which show sang at the Super Bowl LI pre-show?

True or false: The Trump Culture and Performance Center, located in Istanbul, in February staged "The Diary of a Madman”

Which album won the 2017 Best Musical Theater Grammy?

Which 2017 Oscar nominee never won a Tony Award?

True or false: Fences is the only one of the nine 2017 Best Picture Oscar nominees to be based on a play.

Dear Evan Hansen cast recording made it to the Billboard Top 10 in February. Since 1965, only three other cast recordings have done so. Which of the following did not?

Theater artist Anna Deavere Smith won the George Polk Career Award, which is a top award in what field?

All of the following were finalists for the 2017 Edward Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History, and its $100,000 prize. Which won?

A play by which Pulitzer winning playwright has been turned into a weekly TV sitcom starting in February?