No Broadway shows opened in the month of February *

A performance of which show had to be canceled in February because of a series of manhole explosions in the street outside the theater

Instead of buying a commercial for one of its products during the Super Bowl broadcast, which company opted to promote the product by producing a one-day-only “Broadway musical” live at Town Hall on Super Bowl Sunday?

Which of the Off-Broadway shows that opened in February launched the newly built Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space?

Several other theaters/performing arts centers are being built from scratch in Manhattan. Which one is scheduled to open later this year?

Which show that opened in February riffs on the true story of a 19th century nurse who tended to the war wounded?

A week after Rent Live was broadcast on Fox, earning one of the lowest ratings and critical rankings of any of the live musicals on TV since the trend began again in 2013 with The Sound of Music, what did NBC announce?

Tony winner Billy Porter wore a black velvet tuxedo jacket with a full-skirted strapless velvet gown, custom designed by Christian Siriano to the Oscars, just the latest fashion-forward ensemble he’s worn at red carpet events lately, such as the suit with floral embroidering and matching, fuchsia-lined cap and a pair of leopard loafers he wore for the Golden Globes, and the pearl encrusted bolero jacket with pearl earrings and pearl glasses he wore while attending New York Fashion Week. He’s said it was only after he starred in Kinky Boots that he started to dress up like this on red carpet. True or false, he told Vogue: “Putting on those heels made me feel the most masculine I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Which of the four winners of 2019 Oscars for performance appeared in the Off-Broadway play Smart People by Lydia Diamond in 2016?

Which show won this year’s Grammy for best musical theater album?

The newly announced CEO of Lincoln Center, Henry Timms, currently heads what other institution?

True or false, the Public Theater is suing Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel for trademark infringement.

True or false. In February, Scott Rudin, producer of the Broadway production of To Kill a Mockingbird, had his lawyers send threatening letters to small theaters nationwide to force them into canceling their Mockingbird productions, based on a different, decades-old stage adaptation