The Broadway League announced at the end of June that Broadway theaters would remain closed “at least” until January 3, 2021. While no Broadway shows that were running prior to the pandemic have made any statements about when they will return, four yet-to-open Broadway productions have announced specific new opening dates in 2021. In chronological order, these are The Minutes, American Buffalo, MJ the Musical, and The Music Man. What month is the earliest new show now scheduled to open?

The title of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s tell-all book about the Trump Administration takes its title from a line in what Broadway show?

Which of the following did not occur in the June aftermath of the May killing of George Floyd and the sweeping protests that resulted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement?

Which Broadway veteran said on television that the phrase “The Great White Way” should be replaced by “The Great Bright Way” – a suggestion to which The Broadway League Tweeted “We agree.”

Several statements of solidarity expressed by theaters and theater artists provoked charges of hypocrisy and the airing of grievances. The Flea Theater responded to just such a complaint, initiated by an actor who had appeared in a play about police violence against black people, by declaring that it was “pausing all production activity to reflect on the misalignment of our values and actions.” True or false: For the first time in the quarter century of its existence, it has committed to paying its actors.

"As a black queer man myself, I was disappointed to see certain people...say Black Lives Matter, but hold their tongue when Trans/Queer was added...If your revolution does not include Black Queer voices, it is anti-black.” Who said this on Instagram, which some people took to be his coming-out. (“i didn’t come out, y’all came in,” he responded on Twitter.)

Three New York-based theater awards were presented in June: the 65th annual Drama Desk Awards, the 86th Drama League Awards, and the inaugural Antonyo Awards. Who organized the Antonyos?

A Strange Loop won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize and many other awards this season, but it won best musical in only one of the three June awards. Which one?

Which theater publication became a theater producer in June, presenting a series of new online readings of old “Pride Plays” on its website?

Milton Glaser, who died in June on his 91st birthday, was one of the world's most celebrated graphic designers, co-founder of New York Magazine, famous for creating the I ❤ NY logo in 1977, to help a city that was falling apart, and modifying the design after 9/11 when the city was falling apart again. He also did work in theater, designing a poster of a crouching angel for “Angels in America” that became an iconic image, used in the playbill and in the published script. With which Brooklyn theater did he have a 20-year relationship, creating posters and logos and modernist portraits of Shakespeare for them, and designing the signage and banners and other visual material for their new building?