In the first month after Broadway was shut down on March 12th because of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Broadway League announced first that Broadway would reopen on April 13th and then that it would remain closed until June 7. True or false: In early May the League announced that Broadway would remain closed until Labor Day, but in an interview later in May, League president Charlotte St. Martin offered January, 2021 as her “optimistic” date for Broadway’s reopening.

May is always a heavy month for theater awards, although some this year were done differently. True or false: The presenter for Outstanding Revival at the Lucille Lortel Awards announced the winner while taking a shower.

Who won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Drama?

Whom did the Drama Desk announce as the recipient of its first annual Hal Prince Lifetime Achievement Award, named after the producer and director who died last year?

Which of the following actions didn’t Jeremy O. Harris do in the month of May?

All of the following Broadway plays were presented online in May in live readings. In which one were the performers the members of the original Broadway cast?

The shutting of physical theaters has given rise to an almost uncountable number of new online series, many of them featuring original works of theater by established artists, sometimes short plays grouped together in a single program. Which series offered a program in May featuring 15 short plays all on the theme of “COVID and Incarceration?”

Most works of theater presented online in May, especially the starry variety shows, did not charge admission but doubled as fundraisers, soliciting contributions to charitable organizations. Which of the following charged $14.99 for opening night and was not a charity fundraiser?

Which television series about theater did producers announce in May they plan to make into a Broadway musical?

What is not true of Larry Kramer, who died in May at the age of 84?