A revival of The Rose Tattoo was one of the eight shows to open on Broadway in October. True or false: It is the only play by Tennessee Williams to have won the Tony Award for Best Play.

Which of the eight shows that opened in October is a sequel to a Tony-winning best play no longer running on Broadway?

Which of the eight shows that opened in October features a character who is also in a Tony-winning best musical also currently running on Broadway?

Which of the following performers was the first to make their Broadway debut?

Which of them won a Tony Award?

Which current Broadway musical is being spoofed by Forbidden Broadway The Next Generation, a satiric revue that opened in October, when one of the cast members sing: Overblown, overblown /Is imagination dead?/ Overdone, under fun /kids would rather be home in bed…

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz was adapted into a stage play that opened in October at Repertorio Espanol.True or false, it is the first Pulitzer Prize winning novel to be adapted into a New York stage play.

Which show that opened in October does NOT feature a reimagined McDonald’s hamburger joint?

Which play that opened in October takes place in a refugee camp?

During the 20th annual New York International Fringe Festival, some 75,000 theatergoers attended more than 200 shows in 16 venues over two weeks in August, 2016. True or false, the 2019 Fringe, which ran in the month of October, offered fewer than a third of the number of shows in less than half the number of venues..

The actress Alia Shawkat played a short scene with almost 100 different men one after the other in a play called “The Second Woman,” which lasted 24 hours. In which New York theater was this 24-hour play presented in October?

Which Tony-winning actor in a musical wrote the following in an Op-Ed article in the Times: “As bad a president as Mr. Trump has been, he’s an even worse entertainer. He reads scripted lines like a panic-stricken schoolboy at a middle school assembly. He mangles every attempt at irony, self-mockery or, God forbid, an actual joke. He cravenly fills the hall for every rally with a hopped-up claque drawn from his hard-core base. And he can be grotesquely inappropriate at his public appearances, as when he babbled inanely about crowd size and margins of victory on recent condolence visits to Ohio and Texas after mass shootings in those states.”

Diahann Carroll, who died in October at the age of 84, is best known as the first black woman to star as someone other than a servant on a TV series, “Julia” in 1968, but she was also the first black woman to win the Tony Award for Best Actress for a musical six years earlier. Which musical was it?