Cate Blanchett made her Broadway debut in January in a play entitled The Present, which is an adaptation by her husband Andrew Upton of the first play by which playwright?

True or false: “Jitney,” which opened on Broadway in January, was the first play August Wilson wrote in his ten-play American Century Cycle, but the last of the ten to be produced on Broadway.

Which of the following events in January that directly or indirectly protested the Trump inauguration was not created by theater artists?

Which Broadway veteran accepted an invitation to perform at Trump’s inauguration and then, after receiving flak, declined the invitation and apologized to her fans “for my lapse of judgment?”

Saturday Night Live spoofed Trump aide Kellyanne Conway’s ambition with a parody of which Broadway musical

True or false: Six times as many shows closed on Broadway in January than opened during the month.

The Oscar nominations were announced in January. Which of the following nominees is performing in a play that opened Off-Broadway the week after the announcement?

Which of the following shows that opened Off or Off-Off Broadway in January featured an all-puppet cast?

The Blueprint Specials” was presented as part of the Under the Radar festival, one of a raft of annual theater festivals that take place in January. What is not true about “The Blueprint Specials?”

January saw the death of photographer Martha Swope at age 88, and actress Mary Tyler Moore at age 80. True or false: They both won Tony Awards.