Which is not news about Lin-Manuel Miranda announced recently?

The review in the New York Times of which show that opened in July did NOT generate massive complaints about the critic’s insensitivity?

True or false: “This Ain’t No Disco” is set largely in a disco.

Which of the following shows that opened in New York in July is NOT inspired by or based on a text at least 400 years old?

In which play that opened in New York in July do six performers portray a single character?

Concerned that the original name was insensitive to the Roma people, Actors Equity gave a new name to the Gypsy Robe ceremony, a Broadway tradition that reportedly began with Broadway chorus members Bill Bradley and Florence Baum in 1950. A robe is passed down on opening nights from show to show, receiving a new decoration from each musical along the way. What is the new name?

The estate of "Gypsy" composer Jule Styne has launched an open contest to come up with a new title for that 1959 musical.

Theater composer Michael John LaChiusa, it was announced in July, is writing a musical adaptation of what recent Pulitzer Prize winning play?

True or false. During previews, Gettin The Band Back Together, which opens on Broadway on August 13, will offer 40 tickets per performance for $40 each for people 40 years of age and older.

Tab Hunter,Hollywood heartthrob, star of Damn Yankees movie musical, and eventual gay icon, died in July at the age of 86. True or false, he performed on Broadway in a play by Tennessee Williams that starred Tallulah Bankhead