A power outage in midtown shuttered more than two dozen Broadway shows on Saturday night, July 13 True or false. Only those shows on Broadway whose titles begin with the letter B had electricity and were able to go on that night.

The Broadway Blackout occurred on the 42nd anniversary of the 1977 blackout

Paul McCartney announced in July that he is writing a musical. What is its subject?

True or false. Both McCartney’s producer for the musical and his book writer have extensive credits on Broadway.

If McCartney's musical does wind up on Broadway, he'll be the first of the Beatles to have authored anything on the Great White Way

Moulin Rouge, a musical based on the 2001 Baz Luhrman movie, was the only show to open on Broadway in July. This is the second Broadway outing for the Australian lead producer Carmen Pavlovic. What was her first?

Moulin Rouge got both raves and pans. Which of the critics who panned Moulin Rouge wrote: “For all its splashy, glittery, high-kicking, butt-cheek-baring, sword-swallowing maximalism, Moulin Rouge! is something more unsettling than not good. It’s not even very interesting….it feels like it was assembled by committee, even by algorithm.”

What show that opened in July was NOT about a sociopolitical injustice somewhere in the world?

Which of those plays is an adaptation of Euripides' Medea?

What of the following Broadway shows that closed in July made its announcement in July that it was closing in July?

Faye Dunaway was fired for abusing the crew during an out-of-town Broadway tryout of a one-woman play about which actress?

Actor Rip Torn died in July at the age of 88. Although best-known for his role on “The Larry Sanders Show” and for his shenanigans (he once hit Norman Mailer over the head with a toy hammer and once broke into a Connecticut bank with a loaded gun), he was also a serious stage actor who performed in a dozen Broadway plays by all the following playwrights. With which of these was he most associated?

Harold Prince died on July 31st at the age of 91. A seminal Broadway producer and a director, he won more Tony Awards, 21, than anybody in history. For which of the following shows that he either produced or directed, or both, did he NOT win a Tony (although he was nominated)?