At the 70th annual Tony Awards in June, black actors won all four musical performer categories for the first time since the Tonys began. *

In June, Barbra Streisand made her first appearance on the Tony Awards broadcast in 46 years. June also saw the death of Muhammad Ali, who was born the same year as Streisand (1942.) True or false: Ali starred on Broadway more recently than Streisand has.

Hamilton swept the 2016 Tony Awards with 11 awards out of the 16 for which it was nominated. The most it could have won (because some Hamiltonians were competing in the same category) was 13. Which is one of two categories for which it was nominated that it did not win?

Who has NOT announced that they are leaving the cast of Hamilton by July 9?

After “Shuffle Along” did not win any of the 10 Tonys for which it was nominated, producer Scott Rudin announced that the musical will close July 24, after only 100 performances. True or false: He blamed his decision on Audra McDonald’s forthcoming maternity leave.

Which game did Hasbro announce in June it was partnering with Broadway producers The Araca Group to make into a Broadway musical?

A concert version of Ragtime, set for August 8th with a high-profile cast including Brandon Victor Dixon and Georgia Engel, was announced in June for which actual site that is depicted in the musical?

Which of the following names for newborns has jumped 171 percent since last year, according to the Baby Center?

Some 70 Broadway performers gathered together for Broadway for Orlando, a single to raise money for the LGBT center in Orlando, Florida, after the mass shooting in a gay nightclub there. What song did the performers sing? *

Playwright Peter Shaffer died in June at the age of 90. He was best known for writing Amadeus and Equus. True or false: His twin brother wrote Sleuth.

The following plays have all been announced as getting new Broadway productions in the new season. Which one has been revived the most frequently on Broadway?