1.Which winner of a 2017 Tony Award said in their acceptance speech: “Don't waste any time being anyone but yourself because the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful."

Which winner of a 2017 Tony Award said in their acceptance speech: “Shut that crap off.”

The 2017 Tony Awards broadcast attracted just six million viewers, a sharp decrease from the 8.7 million who watched in 2016. (To be fair, that Hamilton-soaked show had the highest ratings for the Tony broadcast in 15 years.) True or false, far fewer people watched the Tonys than the TV show that preceded it on CBS, 60 Minutes.

Within days of the Tony Awards, three Broadway plays from the season announced they were closing in June. Which of the shows changed its mind?

True or false. None of the three had won any Tonys.

The Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar depicted a Trump-like figure in the title role, which prompted many protests, and led to some corporations canceling their funding. True or false, Shakespeare companies across the country that had no connection to the Public's production were also the target of angry protests.

Which show that opened in June has reportedly caused theatergoers to vomit and faint?

In which show that opened in June, did a character say: “I would rather drink alcohol than do just about anything there is to do on the face of the planet. I drink for every occasion, both bad or good. I like it more than sports, more than family, and — present company excluded — I like it more than women. “

Brendan Urie, lead vocalist of Panic! at the Disco who is making his Broadway debut in Kinky Boots, Tweeted his annoyance at the audience for what violation of theater etiquette?

Which daytime TV show has been adapted into an opera that will open at the Signature in January, as announced in June?

A.R. Gurney died in June at the age of 86. Which if anything was NOT true about him?