“This is the hardest job I’ve ever had in my whole life. You people on Broadway are nuts.” Who said this in May?

Who said in the middle of a performance “I’m sorry. Stop the show. Someone there is taking photos. You must know how distracting and disrespectful that is. Now, we can have a show or we can have a photoshoot.”

What is true of the 2016-2017 Broadway season compared to the season before, according to the Broadway League?

The top ticket price for a Broadway show at the box office has gone up to $849, sold by Hamilton, an increase of 78 percent from the top ticket price of a year ago, $477, sold by The Book of Mormon. True or false, two other Broadway shows besides Hamilton offered a top ticket price higher than The Book of Mormon’s.

Which of the following shows that received no Tony nominations at the beginning of May was one of the top 10 grossing Broadway shows at the end of May?

Which straight (non-musical) play received the most Tony nominations?

Which long-closed Off-Broadway show has nearly eclipsed Broadway shows in the number of theater awards it has won recently?

Off-Broadway English-language shows opening in May were at least partially set in all the following continents except:

. “Mustn’t complain. So much to be thankful for,” says which character in which show that opened in May?

Three different television networks recently announced live broadcasts of musicals. Which of the five shows below was not one of those announced for broadcast.

The following performers are all returning to Broadway next season, according to announcements made in May. Who has been gone the longest?