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1. True or False. The Tonys won an Emmy this month, beating out The Grammys and The Oscars in the same category.

The Colony shut down on September 16th after 64 years in business. What could you NOT find in this store at the corner of 49th Street and Broadway?

“If There Is, I Haven’t Found It Yet,” a play by Nick Payne that opened Off-Broadway this month at the Laura Pels Theater, marks the American stage debut of which performer?

Rob McClure plays Charlie Chaplin in the new musical Chaplin, which opened on Broadway in September. Which of the following does he NOT do during the course of the show?

True or false. Rebecca has been "postponed" once again, this time, according to the producer, because of the death of an investor who is more mysterious than any of the characters in the musical, and then the scaring away of a new investor due to an anonymous e-mail.

(This question has been updated.)

The 21st edition of Forbidden Broadway opened this month after a hiatus of three years. Which of the following Broadway figures does it NOT mock?

The tenth Broadway production of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People has opened at the Samuel J. Friedman Theater, using an adaptation written by British playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Which famous American playwright wrote an adaptation that was used in two previous Broadway revivals?

Which of the following shows has announced that it is closing on Broadway in January?

Which of the following shows that were presented on a New York stage will receive the most number of productions throughout the United States in the 2012-2013 season, according to a Theatre Communications Group survey of its member theaters?

“He was assigned to get me a chocolate donut…He brought me two… and so our love affair began” Who said that, and whom was she talking about?

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