Before he became president, Donald Trump praised the musical American Idiot.

Trump was a one-time Broadway producer. Which one of the following plays on Broadway did Donald Trump produce?

Which member of the Trump Administration was also once a producer of a Broadway show that flopped, entitled Scandalous?

Which of the following performers has not portrayed Donald Trump on stage or screen?

All of the following anti-Trump events occurred around the Inauguration and were organized by theater artists. Which took place in theaters in all fifty states—some fifty in New York City alone—and were in effect short street protests with theatrical flare. (Literally: The protesters held lights.)

Which Broadway veteran accepted an invitation to perform at Trump’s inauguration and then, after receiving flak, declined the invitation and apologized to her fans “for my lapse of judgment?”

Saturday Night Live spoofed Trump aide Kellyanne Conway’s ambition with a parody of which Broadway musical

True or false: The Trump Culture and Performance Center, located in Istanbul, in February staged "The Diary of a Madman”

What happened this year on the Ides of March?

Which late night talk show presented Donald the Musical, with Tim Minchin (Matilda composer) on a swing singing “When I grow up, I will be president and build big walls, ban Muslims, play with Putin’s (bleep)”?

The Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar depicted a Trump-like figure in the title role, which prompted many protests, and led to some corporations canceling their funding. True or false, Shakespeare companies across the country that had no connection to the Public's production were also the target of angry protests.

All 17 members of The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, including theater director George C. Wolfe and actor John Lloyd Young, resigned in August to protest President Trump’s comments on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. True or false, the first letter of each paragraph in their resignation letter spelled out the word RESIST.

Michael Moore debuted on Broadway in “Terms of My Surrender,” opening in August. True or false: After one performance, he took the audience on buses to an anti-Trump demonstration at Trump Tower.

In a Tweet in October that began “While not at all presidential I must point out…” President Donald Trump falsely called a Broadway show a “TOTAL BOMB” that was “forced to close.” Which show was it?

Whom has Trump NOT called highly overrated?

What, according to a Trump Tweet in 2014, is his favorite “art form”?

Two of the following three Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights say they wrote, or are planning to write, a play explicitly inspired by Donald Trump. The third says his latest play is not explicitly about Trump, but does speak to the political process. Which is the one whose play is not explicitly about Trump?

Harold Pinter wrote a play about the president of the United States nuking the world, recently discovered by his widow.