Which LGBTQ moment did not actually happen at the 73rd annual Tony Awards in June?

Which of these current shows on Broadway does not have any (explicitly out) LGBT characters?

The following Broadway shows, none of which won any of the competitive Tony Awards for which they were nominated, either closed in June, or announced in June the date that they would be closing. Which of them will have had the longest run?

True or false. An all-star cast performed a stage adaptation of The Mueller Report in June

True or false. A Broadway theater was named after a popular female impersonator at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Which of the following plays that opened in June did not have an African-American in a leading role and/or as a leading character?

Which gay-themed play did NOT win the Tony Award for Best Play?

In what venue was a gay-themed work not performed in June?

The following works dramatized the Stonewall riots that launched the modern gay rights movement. Which was the earliest?

True or false: Actress Sylvia Miles, heiress and entrepreneur Gloria Vanderbilt, and director Franco Zeffirelli, all of whom died in June, were all Broadway veterans.