True or false: To Kill a Mockingbird, a straight play dramatizing Harper Lee’s novel, did not receive a Best Play nomination, but it did receive a nomination for Best Original Score.

King Kong received three times as many nominations as King Lear

Which of the following Broadway shows that opened during the 2018-2019 season received at least one nomination for a 2019 Tony Award?

True or False: TWO Tony nominated musicals both feature a musical within a musical that is set in Italy.

Which of the following New York theater awards are older than the Tonys?

Of the 118 nominated artists, 17 are making their Broadway debuts; only three of these this year are performers. Which of the following is NOT making his or her Broadway debut

Which of the nominees for the 2019 Best Musical Tony Award is not adapted from a work in another medium?

In which of the Tony nominated plays does a character say: “I mean we got plumbing. If we can move something as complicated as our waste and water, it shouldn’t be too difficult to spread a little wealth. And while we’re at it, some shelter would be nice. Oh and a meal.”

In which nominee for best revival of a play, does a character react to being told they’re crazy for wanting to do something by saying “You want to know what’s crazy? After all these years I’m still trying to justify my life.”

10 True or false: A 2019 Tony is going to a firehouse.